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Do Your Teeth Cause You Pain?

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Tooth Extractions from the Experts in the Field

Tooth extractions can be necessary for a variety of reasons but they are typically performed with the overall goal of preventing pain and infection. Non-reparable teeth can also be removed in preparation for dental implants.  While tooth extraction is common, our oral surgeons will only extract teeth that absolutely have to come out and cannot be saved.

As a team of oral surgeons, we have the experience, education and skills necessary to provide a safe and effective tooth extraction even under the most complex circumstances. Currently our team cumulatively removes approximately 20 thousand wisdom teeth per year. We don’t want our patients to live with tooth pain, and if our evaluation shows that a tooth cannot be saved, tooth extraction is often the best solution to help you find relief.

Restoring Your Jaw After Tooth Extraction

After most tooth extractions, an empty socket is left behind in the jaw where the tooth once occupied. We perform socket preservation bone grafting to fill this socket with bone material. Bone grafts restore the jaw’s structure and qualifies you for dental implant placement. We also offer effective dental sedation options to ensure your extraction is as pain-free as possible. 

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Reasons for tooth extraction:

The Gold Standard of Tooth Replacement

After tooth extraction, we always recommend replacing it with a high-quality, lifelike dental implant to preserve oral health and give you the beautiful, natural smile you deserve. Considered the gold standard for missing teeth, dental implants mimic natural tooth function and appearance. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth or even replace a full arch of missing teeth. Our team of experienced surgeons are uniquely qualified to extract problem teeth and replace them with state-of-the-art dental implants.

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End your tooth pain with gentle tooth extractions.

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