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Cancer and Oral Pathology Treatment

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The Importance of Oral Pathology Exams

Your mouth is considered by many to be the gateway to the body and is a sensitive area that is susceptible to disease. Oral pathology is the study, diagnosis and treatment of disease in the mouth, throat, jaw and related structures. One of the most common, and deadly, diseases is oral cancer, but if caught early, can be treated to prevent the spreading or worsening of cancer. Our oral surgeons are capable of gentle and effective removal of cancerous and pre-cancerous tissues to preserve your health.

It is important to be routinely evaluated for signs of oral cancer through oral pathology exams. We can perform these evaluations when you come in for treatments, but many times your general dentist will refer you to our practice for a biopsy or removal of suspected tissue. We utilize a CO2 laser to gently remove pre-cancerous or cancerous tissues in cases of oral cancer. This laser allows us to remove tissue with less damage to surrounding tissue and promotes faster healing. 

Oral Cancer: A Common Disease

Oral cancer is so common because it is hard to detect as pain is not associated with the disease, so it is often never reported by patients. A healthy mouth should appear smooth and coral pink in color. Any alterations in this appearance could be a warning sign for possible oral cancer or other diseases, lesions or tumors. However, monthly at-home oral cancer exams are recommended and bi-yearly exams with your general dentist will help identify possible concerns.

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Oral Cancer Warning Signs

  • Bright red or white patches of tissue in the mouth
  • Bleeding sores inside the mouth
  • Lumps developing within the mouth
  • Constant sore throat or difficulty swallowing
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My Oral Surgeon Caught My Rare Oral Cancer

Specialists in the Maxillofacial Region

While oral cancer is one of the more common diseases that we deal with, there are many other concerns that can be treated. We can remove benign lesions or tumors, like cysts, within the maxillofacial areas. In some cases, bacterial or fungal infections can be treated as well. With our doctor’s expert skill in the mouth, throat and surrounding structures, as well as in-depth medical background, we offer the best results for patients.

When was the last time you had an oral pathology exam?

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