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Experience Dramatic Cosmetic Results

When you are looking for a dramatic cosmetic enhancement, nothing beats the results a face and neck lifts provide. At Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, we provide face and neck lifts to elevate sagging structures and remove excess fat and skin, providing a more youthful appearance. While there are non-surgical options for face and neck lifts, none compare to the long-term benefits and dramatic results cosmetic surgery provides. As a Board Certified Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Diepenbrock is an expert in the face, neck and surrounding areas, and is able to offer you unparalleled results in a safe and comfortable setting. To ensure optimal success, we perform our face lifts and neck lifts with a team of registered nurses and a nurse practitioner on-site to monitor you and assist our doctor when necessary.

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Benefits of Surgical Face/Neck Lifts

  • Look years younger
  • Long-term results
  • Dramatic outcomes
  • Lift sagging skin
  • Add contour to your face

Rejuvenating Face Lift Surgery

Our team will always strive to help you reach your face lift goals so that you can feel confident in the way you look and enjoy your new younger appearance for many years. Typically, patients are put under in-office sedation during face lift surgery. Incisions are made in and around the hairline to camouflage the scar. The structure of the face is then repositioned to smooth out the jowls, tighten the neck, and contour the jaw line. Most patients can expect a two-week recovery time and by properly taking care of your face and overall health, your youthful appearance will last for many years.

Rejuvenating Face Lift Surgery
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Renewing Neck Lift Surgery

Neck lift cosmetic surgery removes signs of aging in your jawline and neck, giving you a more attractive and tight appearance. Neck lift surgery can remove excess skin and fat that reside under the chin to help match the neck to your face. This procedure can be performed in conjunction with a face lift or independently on its own. Patients will be under general anesthesia or IV sedation during the procedure. Commonly, incisions will be made around the ears and under the chin to allow us to remove fat, tighten muscles and reposition skin for an improved appearance. With proper care and healing, you can expect to feel like your normal self after a two-week period.

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Facial Volume Rejuvenation

As we age, our skin naturally looses elasticity and a weakening of facial support structures occur. This can cause sagging features and wrinkles to develop in areas around the face. With facial volume rejuvenation techniques we are able to restore fullness to the face and get you looking many years younger. In order to add fullness to cheeks, temples and areas around the eyes, we are able to transfer fat from one area of your body and place it in these locations to restore fullness and establish a refreshed look. In addition to fat transfers, we can place facial implants in areas of the face to meet your needs. Facial implants provide a permanent volume enhancement and has no potential resorption to prevent the need for a second procedure. Many times, we can place these implants through the mouth so there is no visible scaring, giving you a natural, youthful appearance.

For more information on additional services offered, visit RenewedLook.com.

Experience a more youthful you with a face and neck lift!

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