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Welcome to OMSA!

Welcome to Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates (OMSA), your trusted oral surgery group in Indiana. Combining years of experience with state-of-the-art facilities, we provide a wide variety of oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures, including treatments for facial injuries, TMJ disorders, as well as tooth and bone loss. Our dental implant and bone grafting procedures are top-notch and offer a long-lasting solution to missing teeth.

Oral surgery is not something you often encounter on a routine visit to your family dental clinic. If you’ve ever had your wisdom teeth removed or have lost a tooth while playing sports, then you might have had some experience with oral surgery. But, most people are not very familiar with it.

So what is oral and maxillofacial surgery? It is an internationally recognized surgical specialty for a range of injuries, defects, and diseases in the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, as well as in maxillofacial areas, including the jaw, neck, head, and face.

Here’s a list of dental surgery procedures available at OMSA.

Facial Injury Treatments

Facial injuries, including trauma, lacerations, and fractures in the neck, jaws, head, and hard tissues of the mouth need immediate intervention. Our experienced surgeons at OMSA can treat and repair all types of facial injury, both in emergency situations and long-term rehabilitation and reconstruction.

TMJ Disorder Treatment

TMJ disorders are quite complex, because these can be cause by an array of things – teeth grinding, injury to the teeth or jaw, misalignment or malocclusion, and so on. The pain and tenderness caused by TMJ syndrome can be debilitating, but with our help, you can have your jaws functioning properly, in no time.

Dental Implants

Having missing teeth can have a big impact on your personal and professional life. Dental implants offer a semi-permanent, long-lasting solution to tooth and bone loss. The biocompatible implants integrate into your alveolar bone, and once the teeth replacements are placed, your mouth will have its normal appearance and function.

In addition to offering comprehensive oral surgery services, we are committed to making your visit at our clinics comfortable and rewarding. Our surgical staff consists of certified oral and maxillofacial surgical assistants with experience assisting in the administration of IV sedation and trained registered nurses to assist in surgery. On top of that, we have five fully-equipped offices conveniently located across northeast Indiana.

Our state-of-the-art facilities can be found at:

  • 7845 Carnegie Blvd, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804
  • 10008 Dupont Circle Court, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46825
  • 4606 E State Boulevard, Bldg. D, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804
  • 2122 E Center Street, Warsaw, Indiana 46580
  • 610 N Wayne Plaza, Angola, Indiana 46703

Please explore this website for information on how OMSA can help you.

Call Fort Wayne Office Phone Number 260-423-2340 with questions or to make an appointment. Toll free at 800-821-7699.