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Did you know that hair follicles can be moved from one area of the body to another. By separating individual hairs or cluster of hairs, Dr. Diepenbrock can move these into a new position on the head, eyebrows, or even the beard.  

Frequently patients are bothered by unsightly moles or nevi. Other skin irregularities and conditions may also be treated to smooth out the skin texture and color. By using state of the art radiofrequency technology, Dr. Diepenbrock can remove skin tags, moles, and other conditions with very minimal to no scaring.  

These are a great addition, or the “icing on the cake” to many facial rejuvenation cases. Cheeks, chin, jawline, temples, and virtually any other region of face can have volume restored with the use of implants. Often times, the incisions are through the mouth so there is no external scaring.

Dr. Diepenbrock can take fat from one area of the body and add it to the face. Common areas treated are the area under the eyes. It is also useful for the lines between the nose and mouth, the temples, cheeks, and jaw line.

A simple procedure to reduce facial fullness in the region below the cheeks. Through an incision in your mouth, Dr. Diepenbrock removes a portion of the fat to slenderize your face and add more definition to the cheeks.

Some patients benefit from removing a portion fat in the neck and face. Liposuction sculpts the face and defines the neck and jaw line.

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