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Combining Modern Implants with Traditional Dentures

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What Are Implant Supported Dentures?

For most patients seeking full arch tooth replacement, dentures are not the only option. Dental implants and implant supported dentures have paved the way for teeth to be replaced permanently, providing patients who have a failing dentition or a full arch of missing teeth with a more secure and healthy alternative. What does this mean? Dental implants and implant supported dentures significantly improve self-confidence, the ability to eat a virtually unrestricted diet, speaking with clarity, and the assurance of a full arch of stabilized, strong prosthetic teeth. Though dentures are an adequate solution for replacing missing teeth, they cannot compare to the appearance and restored oral function that comes with implant supported dentures. By placing two to four dental implants into strategic areas of your jaw with the most bone volume, we can secure an implant supported denture for everyday use. Your implant supported denture will still be removable so you can properly clean it and your mouth and for comfortable sleeping.

Improve Your Oral and Overall Quality of Life

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that restores nearly 100 percent of the function and beauty of natural teeth. When two or more are used to support an implant supported denture, an entire full arch of teeth can be permanently replaced. Implant supported dentures eliminate many of the disadvantages associated with other teeth replacement options, such as gum irritation, a loose fit over time, or a restricted diet. Dental implants also work to stimulate the jaw bone, meaning you will not experience loss in your facial structure or aesthetics due to missing teeth and a receding jaw. With the expertise of our skilled oral surgeons leading treatment, dental implants are placed intentionally at certain angles and positions to best ensure their final functional outcomes and the predictability for long-term support.
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The Advantages of Implant Supported Dentures

  • Maintain youthful appearance long-term
  • Mimic the feel and function of natural teeth
  • Stable, strong, and secure, with skilled placement
  • Elimination of gum irritation and loose denture fit
  • Restores nearly 100 percent of chewing power
  • Permanent option, with proper oral care
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Over 100 Years of Combined Expertise

Dental implant placement is not extra training we received outside of our general skillset; it is a prominent aspect of our specialty and is surgery we have been specifically trained in from the beginning. We leverage this surgical expertise and our advanced technology to guide every implant supported denture process. This means that treatment is tailored to each individual patient, meticulously planned no matter the case complexity, and expertly carried out to produce the best possible aesthetic and functional outcomes every single time. With over 100 combined years of specialized experience, our board-certified oral surgeons place over 1,600 dental implants every year, in addition to having surgical and medical expertise in issues related to missing teeth, including bone loss and disease affecting oral structures and tissues. With this extensive background of education and experience, we bring you the highest level of surgical care possible when performing your implant supported denture case, building off a foundation of mutual trust and communication we strive to integrate day one. We firmly believe that no one should have to go through life without teeth—there is hope!

Find out if implant supported dentures are the solution you have been looking for.

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